Buying From a Dealership

April 20th, 2023 by

Buying a car, whether it’s brand new or used, is a huge investment – which is why making sure you get a great deal in the long run is essential. Check out our reasons why buying from a car dealership might just be the safest bet when it comes to buying used.


When it comes to car dealerships, reputation is everything. Word-of-mouth and great online reviews can make or break a dealership. Therefore most dealerships will do their absolute best to make sure you are satisfied with your used car purchase. Third party sellers don’t have to deal with backlash if a used car sale goes wrong so some third party sellers may try and do business on the shady side. Without their reputation on the line, third party sellers have free reign to finish up the car deal however they’d like.

Trade-in Options

If you’re ready to move on from your current car and hop behind the wheel of something different, trading in at a dealership can come in handy. In a sense, trading in your vehicle at a dealership cuts out a step in the car-buying process; you don’t have to worry about selling your current ride. While there are rarely instances where a private seller is willing to trade, most of the time, you will be in charge of passing along your current car to a new buyer. Trading in at a dealership also allows the dealer to thoroughly inspect your current vehicle to paint a clearer picture of what the car is worth.

Vehicle Reconditioning

Most dealerships have an extensive reconditioning process when it comes to their used cars. Some dealerships even have an entire team dedicated to making used cars look as close to brand-new condition as possible. Private sellers have the option of taking their vehicle to a detail shop before the deal is finalized, however, many private sellers don’t put too much effort into reconditioning their used vehicle.

In-Depth Inspections

Buying from a dealer also means that your future vehicle has been inspected by a team of mechanics to ensure it is safe to hit the road. These inspections could potentially save thousands of dollars in the long run. At Central Valley Fleet & Sales, inspections cover brakes, fluids, filters, tires, batteries and more. The vehicles are inspected for any major mechanical problems and those are fixed before the car is put out on the lot.

Legal Protection

There are many strict laws that dealerships must follow when it comes to selling cars. Private sellers do not fall under these requirements and can take some less-than-honest approaches to selling their vehicle. For example, car dealerships must disclose whether a used car has a salvaged title. Third party sellers might try to hide this information to make a quick sell.

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